Malibu Shaman's Psychic Readers

Psychic Readings are available at the Malibu  Shaman 7 Days a week.
For Psychic availability and appointments please call or come into the Malibu Shaman in person!

Please call  (310) 456-5617
Sunday              12PM - 6PM
Saturday           11AM - 6PM
Monday-Friday 11AM - 6PM
Cathy Crystal

Spiritual Counselor

ClairEnergy Readings:

ClairVoyant, ClairAudient, ClairSentient

Tarot Readings

Animal/Pet Readings

Vibrational Energy Work/Zoom Zap

Astral Projection/Remote Viewing

 Learn about your Past, Present and Future…“All in the Now”

"Melinda Hess"

is a clairvoyant reader/healer with over twenty years experience.  Melinda's readings help you understand your "present time" choices, and how to make those choices based on your own answers and information as spirit. Melinda also offers meditation and psychic development training as well as other specialized retreats and workshops for goal setting, personal growth and wellness.


Irish Seer and Psychic:  

PATRICK SMITH is a native of Ireland.  Patrick’s travels have taken him to many countries around the world, including Australia, Germany, France, Yugoslavia, England, and now the USA. 

Tarot Reading
Photo Analysis
Dream Analysis



Native American Wisdom Readings with Nancy Furst

Nancy Furst is an intuitive, channel and healer with over 20 years experience as a spiritual councelor.  Her background includes trainging in Native Amerian spirituality, advanced certification in crystal healing, hospice care, and an extensive study of metaphysics, including the Course in Miracles.

Remote Viewer
Tarot Cards
Finding Lost Items


Lady Jane has been serving the Los Angeles,
Malibu area for over twenty years. She has worked with many notables
and people from all walks of life. Her gifts as a psychic/medium
provide a deeper insight to allow the recipient to make the wisest
choices and progress successfully with their life. She is both
clairaudient and clairvoyant, using Tarot to help guide the sessions.

Medical Intuitive
Chakra Readings

Life Aromatherapy <>


Australian Astrologer &
Voyager Tarot Consultant


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