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We are proud to be carrying Juno Jewelry from the Bay area

Beautiful stones and settings to dazzle your eyes and spirit.


We offer unique crystals from all over the world.

Books always make a nice gift. 

Here are a few titles to embrace this New Year.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support of Malibu Shaman.  It’s you, my wonderful customers, that keep me excited about my work.  It keeps me growing and evolving…

I think “Growth” is what I’ve been working on the most this year –

 It can be beautiful

It can be hard

It can be very rewarding

It can be life changing…

When you come into the Shaman (or any new age bookstore) you’ve taken the time, energy, and money to say

“I want to have growth”

I want to be positive

I want to receive

I want to do it on my terms

I am willing to compromise

I am worth it

I can change

I want to have transformation

What are you doing to pursue your own

Personal Growth?

The staff here at Malibu Shaman are ready and willing to help in anyway we can… 

Crystals, candles, tools, books and psychic readings are a good place to start.

Thank you all for being part of my Growth!

“Om mani padme hum”

“the jewel in the lotus”

Embrace the struggle to attain the enlightenment

Wishing you the very best for this Holiday and into the coming year.

Peace and Blessings,

Scott Sutphen

Owner Malibu Shaman


I am Today:       Its verse, in time, within all, sensing an endless day

Everyday at the Malibu Shaman, we are fortunate to have people visit us from all over the world (universe?).  I notice that our daily theme generates around questions and conversations regarding some truly spectacular life changing awakenings.  General consensus? Keep it simple and savor in the moment.

Everyday I feel so blessed to make a difference and participate with the Malibu Shaman lifestyle. So many of our visitors are seekers and healers with a mission to absorb a new type of life celebration and to manifest change with love. What is beyond this mission? I believe we’ll continue to tune-in and tune-up with life’s amazing synchronicity. Let’s evolve together with divination tools and honor our gifts with all of the senses. 

Everyday, let’s sing a new tune!

I am Music:       Tuning into this life, hearing its heartbeat

I am Sunshine:  Seeing this world, pure, searching, Where to now?

I am Love:         Sharing, living, loving, feeling, being “How?”

I am Peace:       Silent as a smile, touching as one I care

I am Light:         Full of joy, a shining star, always seeing you there

I am Simple:      Breathing joy ‘n love,  We are one, so let’s meet

We look forward to sharing more with you as things develop with your life and wish you and your loved ones a season filled with discovery, wonder, and simple joys.

Peace, Love, and Harmony,

Cathy Crystal

Malibu Shaman Psychic and Sales




On December 21, the Sun enters Capricorn.  In the northern hemisphere, this marks the beginning of winter and the shortest day of the year. Now the days lengthen. Ancient civilizations considered the Equinoxes and Solstices to be the four ‘Power Gates’ or most spiritually charged times of the year, when the veil between the spiritual and material worlds is thinnest. It’s time to celebrate the changing of the guard. Autumn bows to Winter. This is a powerful turning point when forces are gathered, intentions stated, and plans for the coming year begin to crystallize.

For 3 days before, the day of, and 3 days after the Solstice, we’re blessed with ‘Manifestation Magic.’ Take note of all occurrences between December 18 – 24, as they will have potent consequences. Projects begun, affirmations, goals, desires and intentions set in motion during these 7 days will have great potential for fulfillment.

Meditation at the time of the Solstice on your wishes and desires, followed by journal writing: stating your intentions, goals and desires for the coming year is guaranteed to yield powerful results. Keep the list on your altar, and read it from time to time. Pull a Tarot or other oracle card and record its meaning also.

To prepare for your Solstice Ritual, smudge yourself, light incense and candles and surround yourself with crystals to ‘set the mood.’

Happy Winter Solstice/New Year!

Jude Dulhunty, Professional Astrologer, Voyager Tarot Consultant

Spiritual Healing Adventure Hikes, Ceremonies, Rituals

Email:; 310-451-0222




I hope this finds you well.  We are entering a whole new way of life on Planet Earth as we approach 2013. Make a decision to be happy, fulfilled and joyful as we enter this new cycle of life. Fulfillment of your life purpose is paramount.  For all you lightworkers out there, it's time to create space to receive all the benefits of the hard work you have put into healing yourself, others and the planet over the last several years.  Transition is not always easy, but you have proven you are up to the task, and now is the time to decide to enjoy life in all respects. Recognize and act upon your own strengths and inner wisdom. With an open mind and heart, ask and allow the support and healing energies of the Master and Angelic Realms to guide you on your next steps in life.  Know with certainty that you are supported on your path.  All of us here at Malibu Shaman wish you a fantastic 2013 and beyond filled with love, abundance and joy as we enter the New Paradigm of Life On Earth! 

Many Many Blessings,

Melinda Hess

Malibu Shaman Psychic


Irish Seer and Psychic:   PATRICK SMITH is a native of Ireland.  Patrick’s travels have taken him to many countries around the world, including Australia, Germany, France, Yugoslavia, England, and now the USA. 

Patrick conducts seminars and workshops worldwide on a variety of psychic topics from dream interpretation to ghostbusting on the Queen Mary. 

Patrick uses his gifts in a number of ways:

Tarot Reading


Photo Analysis

Dream Analysis



All of us here at Malibu Shaman look forward to seeing you all during this Holiday Season….

May you and your families enjoy the splendor and bliss that the Holidays bring to our lives.


Come in, visit, and enjoy a psychic reading!

(310) 456-5617




Happy Valentines Day to YOU…..

All of my amazing customers and friends

Malibu Shaman is ready for all of your Valentine’s Day gift needs.

We have a great selection of crystal hearts, beautiful jewelry, candles, cards, and books.

Psychic Readings with:

Cathy             Melinda                  Jude       

While you’re visiting, consider getting a psychic reading with one of our gifted readers..

We’ve entered into “2012” and the “Year of the Dragon”.

Time For:

  • Shifting of Consciousness
  • Opening our Hearts to Love and Healing
  • Bringing in Happiness

Stop by and Say Hello, Get Cool Gifts or just Feel the Good Vibes!

I hope that this Valentine’s Day brings you all Love, Light and Joy…..

Scott Sutphen

Malibu Shaman



2011 Holiday Newsletter:

Happy Holiday Blessings to you from the Malibu Shaman


We have an amazing selection of beautiful gift items for all of your holiday needs…

I've walked to the end of the earth (well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration) to obtain the greatest crystals and mineral specimens I have seen in a long time.

The energy from these magical stones are absolutely incredible in the store.


Nothing says “I love you”, like a crystal heart…

And let me tell you, Do I have hearts !!!

Beautiful Madagascar Rose Quartz, Polychrome Jasper, Carnelian, Malachite, Fluorite and more.


Of course we have an outstanding selection of books, CD’s, candles & incense products to make everyone’s gift list complete.


Psychic Readings


While you’re here in Malibu enjoying a wonderful shopping experience don’t forget to honor yourself too

with a look into what’s up in your future with a psychic reading from one of our excellent psychics.



I can’t believe its Holiday time again…

Could this year have gone by any faster?

We are right around the corner from the anticipated arrival of 2012…

We made if through another Mercury retrograde…

We are adapting to this new world environment and economy.

I think we all need to give ourselves a little pat on the back for a job well done….

Living our lives in the path of adversity.

Incorporating challenge and aliveness in a good way.

I always like to incorporate a theme to each newsletter that I’m working on personally and share my thoughts and processes, hoping that others may benefit too.

Right now I’m working on “GRATITUDE”.

I am so grateful to all of my customers that still come and support “brick and mortar” storefronts…. Thank You!

I am grateful for my health… I have so many friends and family with health concerns and challenges.

I am grateful for all the “Love” in my life, I’ve realized that I need to tell those in my life how much I love and appreciate them…

I am grateful for music, art, film, books, and crystals and how they move me deeply and nurture my spirit and soul…

I am grateful that pretty much everyday – I still learn something new about myself or others…

What are you grateful for???


Wishing you all a thought provoking, beautiful and bountiful NEW YEAR !

Scott R. Sutphen     Owner, Malibu Shaman


Crystal Spirit - Born 2012: Your Destiny Birth

Collecting crystals and researching the metaphysical meanings of Mother Earth’s creations is a daily theme at the Malibu Shaman. Crystal Spirit Energy raises our consciousness. With the Winter Solstice 2011 transformation energy, all of us are seeing a message of change, awakening and a kundalini shift that is preparing us for 2012 portal.

As we enter the 2012 portal, this is a time of alignment and preparation. Technology advancement is exploding alongside our consciousness expansion. Currently, we have 3D technology. Our future will be 360 degrees with Holographic Vision increasing awareness with Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and especially Clairsentience. Many of you are already experiencing this Holographic Vision. For those that need a tune-in, we can learn to recall from Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children. Align with your higher source, using your senses, and become one with these times of change.

How? You can manifest your own “Destiny Birth” and be “Born in 2012”. All births are a new beginning. All children born in 2012, especially Winter Solstice 2012, will cause a genetic transformation with higher frequencies. You can be part of this transformation too. Where is your personal Destiny Birth? It is recorded within your own personal Akashic Record before you came into this lifetime. Many say Akashic Records influence history, inspires geniuses, and evolves science; changing history with new world politics. You can use crystals to connect to your message from Akashic Record and design your own “Born 2012 Destiny Birth” plan.

I believe that we all have a responsibility to discover our deep truth and put intention into what we need to do in order to influence this evolved code and new period in history. With the awakening of 2012, come by, do a reading; and let’s find out what your “Born 2012 Destiny Birth” message is. This memory will allow you to live the life that you and your generations were meant to have including dreams of a better world. With my crystal spirit I am sending to YOU, peace, love, and harmony. Let’s be “Born 2012” !!!

With Universal Love, Cathy Crystal




On Wednesday, December 21, 2011 at 9:30 PM, the Sun enters Capricorn. In the northern hemisphere, this annual ingress marks the beginning of winter. It is the shortest day of the year and from now on, the days will start getting longer.

Ancient civilizations considered the Equinoxes and Solstices to be the four Power Gates - the four most spiritually charged times of the year, when the veil between the material and the spiritual worlds is thinnest. For three days before, the day of, and three days after the solstice, we are blessed with Wish Power or Manifestation Magic. It’s time to celebrate the changing of the guard, when autumn bows to winter. This is a powerful turning point when forces are gathered, intentions stated, and plans for the coming year begin to crystallize.

Take note of all occurrences, events, ideas, meetings, connections, etc. that occur in your life during these 7 days of Power – from 9:30 PM Sunday 12/18 – 9:30 PM, Saturday 12/24 – as they will have potent consequences. Babies born at this time will have a lot of personal power and a sense of destiny. Projects begun, affirmations, goals, desires and intentions set in motion during these 7 days will have great potential for fulfillment.

Meditation at the time of the Equinox, on your wishes and desires, followed by journal writing - stating your intentions, goals and desires for the coming three months - is guaranteed to yield powerful results. Pull a Tarot card, or other favorite oracle, to receive a personal message to guide you on your winter journey. Record its meaning in your journal, and keep the list on your altar, and read it (focus or meditate on it) from time to time during the next three months.

Before you start your solstice ritual, smudge yourself with Sage or ‘Palo Santo,’ light incense (Sweet Frankincense) and essential oil candles and surround yourself with crystals to ‘set the mood’. 

Happy Winter Solstice, Fellow Seekers!

Jude Dulhunty, Professional Astrologer & Certified Voyager Tarot Consultant



GREETINGS AND BEST WISHES FOR 2012!  A complex "retuning" of humanity has been underway for some time now.   As  2012 begins, we will start to see more clearly what our cosmic makeover will really look like as the earth and its inhabitants are being REBORN AND RENEWED.  Many of us are receiving visits from Archangel Michael,  the archangel who assists in removing blocks,  limits and fear.  Michael often appears as beautiful blue spots of light around you and others when he is transmitting a message of STRENGTH, HOPE AND CLARITY to help you move forward. 

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU?  A new career, a new home, and/or a new purpose in life?  LET GO OF THE OLD TO MAKE ROOM FOR THE NEW. MOVE FORWARD AT A HIGHER LEVEL OF LOVE, STRENGTH AND RENEWED PURPOSE.   Call upon Archangel Michael as you create your personal goals for 2012.  MIRACLES WILL OCCUR as we become catalysts for positive energy and growth.  BE THE LIGHT, AND THE LIGHT WILL ENVELOP YOU AND GUIDE YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!

Thank you for your continued support of Malibu Shaman. WE WISH YOU MIRACLES, LOVE, PEACE, AND ABUNDANT BLESSINGS ON YOUR PATH INTO 2012 AND BEYOND! 

Many Blessings, Melinda Hess



I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your continued support of our "beautiful little metaphysical bookshop".
I know you have a choice of where to buy your spiritual books and gifts and  I appreciate all the support and love the Shaman receives from all  of you!
This has really been quite a year for almost everyone I see and meet at our store.

Many Challenges...
Many Triumphs...
Tons and tons of "Change" energy.
The Good News is "We're All Still Here"
We are finding a way to adjust, shift, and adapt to our new world. I don't know about you, but I've never felt time acceleration like I have this year...
What a Ride, What a Journey!
Have you all been feeling the same sense of acceleration? Everyone seems to be talking about the 2012 shift... I think it's happening right now! Full Blown, change and shift. I believe a lot of good can come from this shifting. Change and movement are crucial to continued aliveness.
Don't you feel really "Alive" right now? I Sure Do!
I am excited to see what's next, that's for sure!
What's next for me is to hold on to what I like to call my
"State of Joy".
I want to hold on longer to those moments when I experience
"Joy and Happiness" .
Try to remember the last day you had pure, untouched "JOY"
A smiling, happy, ecstatic, beautiful day...
How did you get to that place, that state of mind, "State of Joy"?
I know it starts...
in our attitude,
in our mind,
in our heart,
in our soul.
I think it's about making that "State of Joy" a Priority...
Taking the time and energy to Honor the Joy.
So your assignment, should you choose to accept it is to:
Do something really fun and spontaneous
Go Forth into Nature
Eat an amazing, wonderful meal
Do Yoga and Meditation
Go On a Date with Someone New or With Your Loving Mate...
Dance Uncontrollably
Go see some "Live" music
Read a Great Book
Build a Sacred Altar
Malibu Shaman is here to help you with any of the tools and knowledge that we offer to make it happen. We are here to help guide you to products, services and gifts for this Holiday Season and Beyond. While you're out shopping, treat yourself or a friend to a Psychic Reading. It's always nice to get a fresh perspective and a little psychic nurturing.
Thank you for allowing us to be your "New Age Resource".
Blessings, Scott Sutphen
Owner of Malibu Shaman

Listening to people every day at the Malibu Shaman whether I am on the floor with the crystals and Shaman gifts, or in the Psychic Reading Room; I have a wake-up call regarding how people perceive their lives. Overall, I am shocked at the different levels of pain that people confess. Surely, there are success stories of healing that I tend to gravitate towards, but my mission is to create a balance in people's lives by having people make decisions on their life path and by not allowing the state of mind limbo to exist. My Gift to you is the gift of Eternal Light and Healing Energy. This Metaphysical Bookstore is all about Spiritual Awakenings and the conversations that we have here really matters with the times to come.
How would you like to supercharge yourself with renewed energy and learn of a technique that is my own original thought?

Color Magic + Light Magic + Sound Magic = Supercharged Healing Energy/Crystal Energy

This technique that I have self-discovered is very powerful energy.
I call result of this formula Zoom-Zap-Energy.
Zoom-Zap-Energy is for healing at all levels. There are many ancient creation myths that describe the seven rainbow colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet) emerging out of the black and stretching across and wrapping around our Universe. The spirals of rainbow colors are what you need to begin to learn to visualize Zoom-Zap-Energy in Ecstasy. Zoom-Zap-Energy is the primary "thing" to ever exist and its motion is what can give you the supercharged healing energy.
Color Magic happens to us when we stop and listen and become aware of what color is outside and within us. Miracles happen every day that can supercharge you with Color Magic. Years ago, one of my life's miracle was during my Honeymoon. At 10PM on a black lava beach in Poipu, Kauai, Hawaii; I saw a huge MoonBow (a Rainbow with the night sky as the backdrop) that streaked across the waters and left flashes of light throughout the night sky. That evening I absolutely knew then the ancient creation myth of Color Magic to be true. I even felt the MoonBow before it happened. Let us tune-up and see these rainbow colors with your own eyes. Have fun learning to capture your moment and to read the colors of your auric moment. Supercharge yourself with Color Magic!
Many people at some time in their lives ask, "What am I supposed to be doing in this lifetime?" Can you believe that Zoom-Zap-Energy can create the answer to this lifetime question? The Chakra connection is your individual Color Magic. By using the Chakra's vortex energy in our body we can understand Color Magic.
Use this exercise: Visualize your Chakras spiraling spiritual energy counter-clockwise within your body by taking all the colors of the rainbow and one by one putting the Color Magic through your heart. Let us wake up every morning with the spirit of energy by tuning up your Chakras so you can be the healthiest soul in this moment in time. Learn to "Balance Your Chakra Energies" when you feel the need to take control of your life and remember to give yourself the me-time just to be.
You will be guided by the ancient saying; "I am my own limitation and without my own limitation, I am, and so it is. Add to your life teachings, open up to new experiences, new beginnings, and allow for consciousness transformation. Zoom-Zap-Energy will give you this. It is best experienced by looking at the night sky and connecting with the Milky Way Galaxy. We are moving towards a very key moment in our lifetime during the astrological alignment between the Milky Way Galaxy and Earth on December 18th, 2012 (Some say December 21, 2012). This Alignment occurs only every 26,000 years and it is a time that is bringing us to a new era of consciousness. Many subtle energies are drastically heightened during this time. Schedule, practice, and prepare for this alignment today. Recognize that you are in synchronicity with its divine feminine supercharged energy. You just need to receive it and embrace it. Discover this celestial beauty (Our Milky Way) and soak in its spiral of light constellations.
Use this Exercise: Close your eyes and remember this Milky Way Light Magic so that you can use this imagery with your photogenic third eye wherever you are. Let yourself visualize the Milky Way Galaxy spinning counter-clockwise and make the image spiral as fast as a tornado, just as you do when you exercise he spiraling Chakra energy. Exercise your vision by looking at the Milky Way in the night sky, connecting all of its stars, and let this image from the sky become a tornado connecting all of the stars. Next,  have spiraling image travel as a tornado of light from the Night Sky through your Heart Chakra. Finally, add the sense of hearing to this exercise and Sound Magic will connect the Light Magic of the Milky Way to you. The Sounds of Mother Earth (What you are currently hearing ) surrounding you will allow for this miracle come from the outside and bring it within.
Color Magic + Light Magic + Sound Magic = Zoom-Zap-Energy (Supercharged Healing)

This energy is available to you. Just practice and have a sincere belief that you are connecting
Whenever you find a blockage in your life, look at the possibilities of the Zoom-Zap-Energy. The transformation that 2012 and the Milky Way is giving Mother Earth and her children an opportunity to create the life that you wish for. You will find yourself obtaining great results with moving forward to understanding your process of awakening at this very important time. Please, let me know how you are doing and I look forward to seeing you at the Malibu Shaman.
The Crystals that the Malibu Shaman carries already have the Zoom-Zap-Energy since they already contain that Source of Supercharged Energy when Mother Earth made the Crystals. Come and talk to us about the Metaphysical Properties of the crystals and select the ones to bring with you on your Journey towards 2012 consciousness.
Crystals can increase your Zoom-Zap MAGIC!
Please contact me on your journey!
Peace, Love, and Happiness,
Cathy Crystal, Malibu California
"Holiday Greetings!  This is an exciting time for all of us with the tremendous "transition" taking place on a personal and planetary level.  I find that staying centered throughout the holiday season is very important, and especially so now as we embrace a new paradigm of being. I want to share a simple meditation technique with you that can greatly enhance your own personal process at this powerful time. Remember that it is important to stay calm, focused and to provide for time for reflection and communion with the higher realms before we leap into the activity of the holidays and the New Year.  What is your contribution to the personal/global revolution taking place at this time? What would you like that contribution to be? Meditation allows you to find your own answers and information directly from your higher self so that you can embrace your higher purpose in this lifetime. 
A simple way of doing this is the  "Eternal Flame" meditation.  Sit comfortably, close your eyes and breathe deeply.  Visualize a beautiful purple or violet flame that emanates from your heart center.   Feel the energy of the Eternal Flame - it is the source of self-knowledge and self-love.  Visualize the Eternal Flame getting bigger and bigger until it encompasses your entire body and aura.  As you experience the Eternal Flame, see yourself surrounding with your own love, joy, enthusiasm for "being".  This is the source of all things. Allow information and answers to come from within you easily and effortlessly.  The Eternal Flame meditation is simple, non-denominational and can be used at any time and place.  Embrace your Eternal Flame, and own your own answers and information as spirit.   Feel free to share this wonderful meditation tool with friends and loved ones. 
Blessings to all at this time of year.  Thanks to all of you for your continued support of Malibu Shaman.  We are privileged to serve our spiritual community and wish you a wonderful, joyful New Year.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you wherever you might be this holiday season. 
With Love,
Melinda Hess
What TO DO and What NOT TO DO during Mercury Retrograde
By Jude Dulhunty, Astrologer
Mercury, planet of communication and transportation, changes direction three times a year for approximately three weeks at a time. The last mercury retrograde of the year - and in fact of the decade - takes place between December 10 and 30. Typically, we experience communication 'snafus' - miscommunications, delays and misunderstandings. Since Mercury rules speech and thought, think before you speak and pay attention to your thoughts. It is the time of the 'inward turning mind.'
DON'T sign contracts, enter into new agreements or escrows, start new projects. Don't buy a car, boat, plane, or any other type of vehicle. Don't purchase any communication device: computer, ipod, cell phone, printer, copier, etc. Don't move, start a new job or commit to something that you might later regret. Some of these every day events can't be avoided. Just do the best you can -- 'put magic on it' (bless it and affirm that you are protected from the mercury retrograde devils) and try to minimize the 'Don'ts.' If you must do any of the above, make sure to read the small print, dot your i's, cross your t's and keep your receipts (in case you have to return an item you purchased). If you travel, allow lots of extra time, especially if your plane, train or bus has to make connections.
DO as many 're' things (as in go back over) as you can while Mercury is back- tracking. Things are often better the second time around: renegotiate, rewrite, rethink, reevaluate, refinance, reinvest, redo, reread, remarry, recommit, reunite, rekindle, reawaken, reinvent (yourself), reaffirm, reorganize, realign, rebound, resurrect, (be) reborn, reincarnate (just kidding), remember, reeducate, relate, reconnect (with people and nature), recount, request, remind, receive, recruit, redecorate, refrain, regain, refresh, refurbish, reform, rehearse, rehash, relinquish, relent, remake, renew, repair, reposition, reprogram, replant, return, revisit, revamp, revoke, rewire, rework, readjust, return, regress ('past life regression,' not 'lose ground'), retire, retreat, recreate, rejoice, relax, reward (yourself and others)!
Mercury Retrograde should ideally be used for Mental R&R (rest and recreation). Time to give our overtaxed mind a time out. Time to turn inward - meditate, reflect, contemplate, get in touch with your intuition (intuition means teaching from within), write (especially journal writing). Partake of all things metaphysical - any activity that deals with the inner plane, rather than the external world of physical matter. Involve yourself with yoga, hypnosis, regression, any and all forms of healing (especially any form of energy healing), be it mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. Get into or back into therapy. Attend a spiritual retreat or workshop, read metaphysical books or listen to spiritual CD's. Have an astrology or tarot reading (to gain more self-understanding and awareness of your unconscious motivations - so you can change your conscious behavior). Participate in activities that allow you to connect with Self. Any and all inner work will benefit you greatly now.
If you were born during a mercury retrograde phase, you may still suffer from 'mercurial madness' (since the rest of the planet is under its influence and you have to interact with them); however, experience has shown me that 'Mercury Retrograde' people often do very important things during mercury retrograde periods. I have witnessed them get married, sign contracts, enter into escrows, move, start jobs - and get away with it beautifully. How do you know if you were born with a retrograde mercury? Look at your horoscope and find the 'd' symbol. If it has an 'R' next to it (i.e., 'dR'), you qualify! There are many online astrological sites that offer free natal charts or you're welcome to email me with your birth details and I will get back to you with an answer.
Jude Dulhunty, a full-time Astrologer and Tarot Consultant for Astro-Magic Astrological Services in Santa Monica, is a regular reader at The Malibu Shaman, offering 1 or 1-1/2 hour astrological consultations, or tarot readings in 15 minute increments. Her most popular reading is the 'Astrology/Tarot 1 Hour Combo.'
She may be reached by email @, or by phone
( 310) 451-0222.

Call The Malibu Shaman (310) 456-5617 to check here schedule,
as it changes weekly
The Malibu Shaman is your 'one stop' shop for this upcoming Mercury Retrograde period, hosting a wide and wonderful array or all things metaphysical: books, CD's, divination tools, an exciting assortment of tarot and other oracle cards, shamanic tools, and truly one of a kind metaphysical gifts. Take a break from the holiday stress - relax and reconnect with yourself - indulge in a tarot or astrology reading.
Happy Holiday's Jude Dulhunty



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